Dwarka Home Tutors is a reputed centre having more than 15+ years of experience in providing quality coaching of commerce to students of various standards. Our purpose is to guide and aid student with the proven methods so that student can easily get the concept of the topic and is able to retain in his knowledge encyclopaedia of mind for his professional use as well then limiting to exams. Our Objective while teaching is to provide with practical solutions with practice and guidance of resolving all possible methods with the conceptual formulas in such a way that an interest of gaining knowledge is generated in student. These methods are not only discussed, explained in the classrooms but also provided to students as practice notes for their reference.

Our Features:

  • Conceptual – Analytical yet simple approach of teaching
  • Regular progress update to parents
  • Revision test/ Full Syllabus test after completing syllabus
  • Target Setting: We work with students for their target setting of each subject
  • Motivation class/ guidance to write board / Entrance exam and bear stress
  • Clearing basic concepts and develop interest of student in subject
  • Back up class if needed to understand some concept or missed classes
  • Interaction with parents & students to improve performance